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HER...Harvesting an Entrepreneurial Revolution

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We innovatively and holistically synergize, energize and mobilize the lives of individuals.
VISION: Where we are headed
Trademarked Non-profit that provides Grief Counseling and other societal needs as a resource hub via collaboration with local, national and global partnerships.

CORE VALUES: What you can expect
Partnership, Integrity, Confidentiality, Kindness, Openness, Wellness, Transformation.SERVICES:

  • Motivational Speaker
  • Professional Development: "Grief: Impacts on Student Learning, School Climate and the Community"
  • Individualized Education/Health Plan development specific to children who have experienced grief & trauma
  • Employee Emotional Support
  • Community Outreach Seminars
  • 8 week Grief support groups and one-on-one sessions (18 years old or older)
  • 6 week Educational Study Group to which enables adults to help children deal with any loss
  • Youth, Family and Community Engagement Development

Enterprise Commercial Financing

We are experienced and proven, commercial real estate mortgage brokers who provide small and large balance, debt and equity financing to corporations, investors, developers and religious organizations throughout the United States. In addition, our local and national relationships coupled with our know-how, affords us the ability to offer our clients the best commercial real estate mortgage loan rates, terms and fees on the market. ​We provide cost effective, non-traditional commercial mortgages with bank rates from 4% to 6.9% as well as soft and hard money loan rates from 7% to 16.9%. ​​

Our private investors and banks are vetted, reputable and solid commercial lenders. We work with local and national individual and corporate borrowers with

Bad-to-Excellent Credit profiles. Have a previous Bankruptcy, Foreclosure or hard to prove income? Call us at (855) 577-2500 to discuss your options.

The Toni Hightower Group

The Toni Hightower Group is a leadership and protocol coaching firm for female entrepreneurs who run viable firms and businesses. TTH Group coaches individuals and groups with principle based and results driven courses that combines executive presence; emotional and cultural intelligence skills sets for building and maximizing true potential in leaders.

The Toni Hightower Group mastery sessions are tailored to channel your individuals expressions and vitality so that you are be able to successfully connect with anyone, anytime, anywhere. When you learn these proven marketplace methods, you'll go beyond communicating and move toward influencing the world you live in. 

This methodology is designed to train you to become a master leader and help you to obtain the breakthrough to influence and change your world you live in. 


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